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Leslie Edward Claypool was born September 29,[2] in Richmond, Californiaand was raised in El Sobrante, Californiain a working-class family of auto mechanics. Claypool decided to become a bass player, pursuing the instrument from the age of fourteen.

Before forming PrimusClaypool learned various blue collar trades and worked as a carpenter. In Metallica's Behind the MusicClaypool said that he jokingly asked the others if they wanted a pálya soundboard felállításán "jam on some Isley Brothers tunes" during the audition, a reference to his little experience in the thrash metal scene.

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Metallica frontman James Hetfield remarked that Claypool was not offered the job because "he was too good" and "should do his own thing". In a interview with Boing Boing[4] Claypool said that Hammett had given him a copy of Ride the Lightning which he enjoyed, but overall "wasn't a big metal guy" and "didn't realize how big Metallica were, to tell you the truth" until he arrived at the audition. In retrospect, Claypool admitted "I wasn't the right guy" and characterized himself as a "weirdo" and furthermore believed that Hetfield was "being nice" in saying Claypool was too good for Metallica.

Main article: Primus band Claypool at Bonnaroo in Primus began as "Primate" in the mid s, with Claypool on bass, Todd Huth on guitar, and various drummers, most notably Jay Lanethough Huth and Lane left shortly thereafter to pursue other projects.

Claypool is considered to be the leader of the band, as well as the driving force behind its blending of funk with other genres.

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Claypool frequently utilizes the slap-bass technique, prominent in funk music, and is the only member of Primus who comes from a funk background. Because of Claypool's strong funk influence, Primus is often described as " thrash -funk" or funk metal[6] [7] [8] [9] though Claypool dislikes these labels, stating: "We've been lumped in with the funk metal thing just about everywhere.

I guess people just have to categorize you. Claypool and Tom Waits first recorded on each other's records in and have continued to do so since.

InPrimus was asked to play and record the theme song for the animated television show South Park. Primus went on hiatus in In October of the same year, the band embarked on a two-month tour in which two sets were performed per show, the second set consisting of their release Sailing the Seas of Cheese being performed in its entirety.

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Primus continued touring intoperforming their release Frizzle Fry as their second set, as documented on the DVD Hallucino-Genetics : Live The band toured in on their Primus: The Beat a Dead Horse Tourand played at a small number of festivals in InAlexander, who had left the band for the second time due to lack of interest, was replaced by Jay Lane, who had not played with the band since The band subsequently resumed touring after the free June Rehearsal was released later that year, and a studio album, Green Naugahydewas released in InLane left Primus for the second time to focus on his other band RatDogwho were coming off hiatus at the time, and was replaced again by Alexander.

InPrimus released The Desaturating Sevena bedtime story based on a group of rainbow eating goblins.

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They then began a tour with Mastodon through most of The band reunited for a a pálya soundboard felállításán on December 31, opening for The Claypool Lennon Delirium and have not returned since.

Claypool is credited with bass, drums and vocals on several tracks as well as guitar. It was announced during the Holy Mackerel tour that Mantia had been chosen to become the next Primus drummer. Claypool and Anastasio had been looking for an opportunity to collaborate.

Each had a mutual interest in playing with Copeland who had been a rock idol of their teen years.

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Plus, Claypool and Copeland already had an established friendship. Oysterhead were originally intended as a one time performance during Jazz Fest in New Orleans.

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Though timid of the band's sudden and surprising popularity they eventually decided to record and tour. They re-united inat the Bonnaroo Music Festival. In Les tried to reunite the group, but ended up releasing an album with The Claypool Lennon Delirium. Fortunately, they re-united once again in for two shows at the 1stBank Center in Broomfield, Colorado, with the rest of their tour cut short by the COVID pandemic.

The band "of the most incredible guys he could possibly find" debuted that Memorial Day weekend and played a number of other festivals including moe. Michael Bailey from Bill Graham Presents said to me that it may sound a bit too heavy for the Mountain Aire crowd and to perhaps try a pálya soundboard felállításán a little different that had to do with the event itself.

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Since it was home of the Calaveras County Frog Jump Claypool has called the Frog Brigade his " mid-life crisis band". Claypool performed with the Rat Brigade when opening for Ratdog once in and again in Claypool also guested on the Ratdog sets inand This album includes "Whamola" which later appeared as a remix for the theme of South Park Season Their concerts pushed the improvisational envelope by preparing no material and not rehearsing beforehand.

At one of their shows they prepared sandwiches onstage for the audience to eat.


C2B3 re-united in to record The Big Eyeball in the Skyan album with equal parts instrumental and vocal songs. The band began an state tour of the US on September 24, Aux TV was dismissive of Claypool's effort, [16] but when the tour landed back in Northern California where Claypool lives, the local press gave a very positive review. She also opened on every show sometimes to scathingly negative reviews during the tour as a solo act, and sometimes with members of C2B3.

At the end ofClaypool released 5 Gallons of Diesela video retrospective of all of his work away from Primus.